Monday, November 2, 2009

Walking Pneumonia

So for the past two weeks I have taken care of Lexi, Zoe, and JR. They all got diagnosed with Flu type A or Swine Flu and I have been super Mom and Wife taking care of all. Well, during Sickness 2009 my house has gone down the drain. I figure this weekend (Halloween weekend) I would clean the house and get things back in order. Well 4:00 am on Thursday night I started having allergies attack which lead to a Upper Respiratory Infection. I called the doctor and they said to take over the counter medication and get plenty of rest. So I did, but things seem to get worse. It moved into my chest and I could not stop coughing and hurting. My chest, back, and sides hurt and I felt like my lungs were squeezing tight. I could not breath well.

Well, I went to the doctor this morning and he diagnosed me with Walking Pneumonia, Yeah!!! Can you hear the excitement in my voice? I know you can. Anyway, the house is still a mess there is two weeks worth of laundry and I have no energy to do anything. JR is trying, he is taking care of the girls and all but it is of course not the way I would clean and what not. I hate being sick and I especially hate being tired. I have been tired since school started and it just doesn't seem to get better. I hate to sound down, but I am so tired or being tired. And now I have a medical reason to be sick.

The good news is that JR and the girls are better and I am thankful for that. Well, I am off to be a teacher, that is right I am still teaching and not resting. Can't afford to take anymore days off. And my principal would have a heart attach if anymore teachers left. This has been one of the worst seasons for illness, I swear. Well, I love you all and I will catch you later. Maybe one week in the future we will all be well enough to visit. Who knows?


  1. good to know you aren't feeling sorry for yourself :)

    you know what they say . . .

    there ain't no rest for the wicked . . . money don't grow on trees . . . I got bills to pay, I've got mouths too feed there ain't nothing in this world for free.

    no I can't slow down, I can't hold back, though you know I wish I could

    there ain't no rest for the wicked til we close our eyes for good.

    LOVE YOU!!!!


  2. i am so sorry, and I hope you feel better soon.

    get some rest and take some vitamins :)