Monday, October 19, 2009

Sweet JR

So on Friday I came home and low and behold there was a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the table. It was a mixture of colors and flowers. It was amazing. I looked at JR and asked him, "What are these for?" He looked at me and said, "It is October 16th Sarah."

I was floored. He remember that Friday was the 12th anniversary of my father's death. He said that he felt like I needed them, to let me know that he loves me and is thinking about me on that day. I was so happy and sad at the same time.

Sad - because I miss my dad.
Happy - because I have such a sweet man, who thinks of me and supports me.

It is so refreshing to have someone who thinks about you and cares about you. I did not have that much in my first marriage, but I can already tell this relationship will be different and better.

On a sadder note; poor Frank, my mom's pug, died last night. He was a good dog and he will be missed. I really feel upset for my mom because I know she liked coming home to him and his happiness. I always felt a little bit better knowing that my mom had someone to come home to. I hope she will be okay and I hope her sadness goes away with time. I still have not told my girls yet, I am not looking forward to that. I know they will both be heartbroken. So, Mom I am thinking of you and hoping your week goes better.
Frank, you were a good, lighthearted, poop eating, snorting, smelly pug. :-)

Friday, October 9, 2009

No Way

So on Wednesday I had a parent teacher conference about Zoe. Don't worry, it is normal to have one the first six weeks. We get there and she begins to talk about Zoe. She did well on motor skills, messed up a few time on language, and she is a good girl. Then the but part of the meeting happened.

Zoe can only count to 11. What!!! I know for a fact my daughter can count to at least 30, if not more. She can say her ABC but she doesn't recognize the letters, oh and she only recognizes the number 1. She also doesn't know placement. IE put the block in front of the house, above the house, and so on. Also, she has a hard time staying focused. Oh, now we are getting to the main point. Basically, her teacher said, without saying it, that Zoe needs drugs.

I looked at her as if she was crazy. She is not a discipline problem, this is her second year in her class, and she always does well with her work. So maybe, just maybe, she might be bored in your class. She did, in fact, do all of this stuff last year.

I mean, why is it, the minute a kid doesn't do the same as everyone in her class she needs to be put on drugs? Her reasoning was that Zoe is the oldest in her class and a girl, so she should be ahead of everyone. Why do the kids all have to wear the same hat? Every child is different and develops at a different stage. I am not worried about Zoe. She is smart and energetic. And I am not going to squish that in her.

I will not give her drugs, so that she can act like a little zombie and be an easier student for you to handle. No way, not going to happen. My daughter is fine. She will eventually be able to recognize her ABC and numbers and who cares if she doesn't know what above or in front of is right now.

Why don't you give me time to work with my child before you label her with a drug. Oh, and by the way, she won't ever take those drugs.

Okay, I am done ranting but I needed to get that off my chest. I love you all and I hope your weeks are going well.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Me, me, me

So lately I have been worried about many things. My jobs, my children, my sanity, and life in general. I came to a very interesting conclusion; I need to stop worrying. The things I need to concentrate on our me. I never worry about me. Now I know that sounds selfish and let me explain. I am not only going to worry about myself, but I am only going to worry about the things I can control that deal with myself. For instance, I am going to worry about my new husband. This next year is a learning year. Learning about each other, pros and cons, and learning to love each other deeper. That is important, especially since this summer coming up I would like to get pregnant. I think it is important for me to know my husband before I add a new life to the mix.

Also, I am going to worry about mixing my family. It is already working out pretty well. I still get frustrated, but mainly my frustration comes from an outside source. So, I need to relish the fact that my girls get along and my husband loves my daughter very much. And of course, she loves him. In fact today on the way to school, she told me that we didn't have a Daddy but now we do and he loves us. I couldn't of said it better. She is so right. So I am going to concentrate on me. Since I have come to that conclusion I have felt better. Work will still be stressful and so will the outside influence but I can deal with it as long as my core it strong. And that is what I am doing, making my core strong. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in fixing the outer side of the world that we forget the strongest part of our world, the center. So that is what I am doing. I know I will slip and fall, I constantly worry about things I can't fix but I am going to try.

School is still crazy and working two jobs is hard but I know that with love, prayers, and blessings sent this way things will be better. Soccer season is almost over and that will help. Only four more weeks. And once I get my gradebook working at school that will make things better too, but again that is out of my control. I hope this post finds you well and I miss you. Christmas break here I come, soon. :-)