Friday, October 9, 2009

No Way

So on Wednesday I had a parent teacher conference about Zoe. Don't worry, it is normal to have one the first six weeks. We get there and she begins to talk about Zoe. She did well on motor skills, messed up a few time on language, and she is a good girl. Then the but part of the meeting happened.

Zoe can only count to 11. What!!! I know for a fact my daughter can count to at least 30, if not more. She can say her ABC but she doesn't recognize the letters, oh and she only recognizes the number 1. She also doesn't know placement. IE put the block in front of the house, above the house, and so on. Also, she has a hard time staying focused. Oh, now we are getting to the main point. Basically, her teacher said, without saying it, that Zoe needs drugs.

I looked at her as if she was crazy. She is not a discipline problem, this is her second year in her class, and she always does well with her work. So maybe, just maybe, she might be bored in your class. She did, in fact, do all of this stuff last year.

I mean, why is it, the minute a kid doesn't do the same as everyone in her class she needs to be put on drugs? Her reasoning was that Zoe is the oldest in her class and a girl, so she should be ahead of everyone. Why do the kids all have to wear the same hat? Every child is different and develops at a different stage. I am not worried about Zoe. She is smart and energetic. And I am not going to squish that in her.

I will not give her drugs, so that she can act like a little zombie and be an easier student for you to handle. No way, not going to happen. My daughter is fine. She will eventually be able to recognize her ABC and numbers and who cares if she doesn't know what above or in front of is right now.

Why don't you give me time to work with my child before you label her with a drug. Oh, and by the way, she won't ever take those drugs.

Okay, I am done ranting but I needed to get that off my chest. I love you all and I hope your weeks are going well.


  1. (insert Devil's advocate here)

    i'm on your side entirely, but never say never about meds. there's no shame in taking medication IF your child or YOU for that matter truly need it.

    i think zoo will be just fine, as far as last year was concerned i wouldn't think it would even count. to me, this year zoe is starting fresh and i wouldn't worry, it's PRE-K people, lighten up!!

    love you and hope you have a great weekend