Saturday, July 11, 2009


So last night I spent a good hour counting freckles on the girls. Of course they only have three apiece but they wanted me to keep counting because Momma has a lot and they only have three, :-(. We had to look at every bump, bruise and spot on them just to make sure. Also, I told them that they are Angel kisses and of course who doesn't want to have Angel kisses on their body? Little kids are so funny sometimes. They made me smile a lot last night.

I spending as much time as I can with the girls right now. Lexi and Zoe are about to start school and so am I (teaching that is). I swear when school is going on, I barely have enough time for them, JR, or even myself. This summer has gone by so fast and I really don't feel like I have spent enough time with either of them. And I am about to leave again on Wednesday to take Zoe back to her Dad for another two weeks. It just stinks and I miss my girl so much. Oh well, I guess that is part of being a divorced parent.

Well, I gotta go swimming again. I know you are jealous. I love all and I hope I get some more readers soon.


  1. hey, glad to see you have a blog. looking forward to hearing about what is going on with you :)

  2. you know how i feel about "frenkles". i'm sorry pooh has to go see trent but at least it's not for very long this time.

    we can't wait to see you guys tuesday night! in the mean time, try to stay coool!

    love you,


    btw, have you told anyone that you EVEN have a blog!!!